The JUST Bundle  - 24 bottles

The JUST Bundle - 24 bottles

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Not sure what new JUST Infused flavor you want to try?  Or possibly, you already love JUST 100% Spring water?  Now you can have it all... with our limited JUST Bundle! 


- Included: (4) 16.9oz bottles of each JUST Infused - Organic Lemon, Organic Tangerine, Organic Apple-Cinnamon, and (12) 16.9oz bottles of JUST 100% Spring water

- 100% Spring water with added Organic essences

- Subtle, refreshing crisp flavor

- Evocative of putting a slice of fruit in your glass

- No sugar or sweeteners of any kind

- No artificial flavors or preservatives

- 100% Recyclable

- (24) 16.9oz bottles in total, 2-12pk cases